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District 4 conducts many tournaments for Little Leaguers.  These tournaments are open to players from spring. Please contact your local Little League for more details.

District All-Star Tournaments (Williamsport)
9/10 State Tournament, generally hosted by Penfield
10/11 State Tournament, generally hosted by Brighton
11/12 National Tournament, generally hosted by Penfield
11/13 Intermediate Tournament
13/14 Juniors Tournament
15/16 Seniors Tournament

Local Tournaments and Second Season:
7/8 Machine Pitch, generally hosted by Fairport
8/9/10 46/60, generally hosted by Greece
11/12 46/60, in a home-on-home format
13/14 Juniors 60/90, in a home-on-home format
15/16 Seniors 60/90 in a home-on-home format
15/16/17/18 Big League 60/90 in a home-on-home format